Your brand is one of your most valuable assets and with the right development and strategy it can generate revenue and elevate your businesses reputation.

Branding and logotype development is paramount in today's visual market place. Exposure to brands is ever increasing and this visual medium is used more than ever before to reassure existing customers of brand values and to trigger decisions in those that have yet to adopt the brand.

Distilling your brand's values to ensure the right message and communication is achieved is our primary goal. By understanding a clients needs and the target audience we work to deliver branding that will achieve all these objectives.

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The twobelowzero branding process is:

  • Research the clients, their product and or service offering
  • Research the target market(s) and the brands that these consumer / businesses respond or aspire to
  • Research the brands the client would like to be associated with and their success or failure to connect with customers
  • Assess the different ways to connect the two (supplier and customer)
  • Research colours, typography and styles that best represent these connections
  • Supply draft branding concepts for client feedback and consumer testing
  • Rework or tweak designs based upon the client feedback and consumer tests
  • Apply the shortlist of designs to marketing collateral to show 'real life examples'
  • Work up the branding solution to artwork stage

Stages of the above process maybe repeated several times before the final solutions is reached. Once reached a brand and communication strategy can be worked up and implemented.

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