Interactive CD Rom Design

Interactive CD Rom design has practical advantages over web based solutions. The level of interaction can be much higher combining video, imagery and text to engage with the viewer and you aren't reliant on having a fast internet connection. A CD Rom also has the advantage of being able to deliver large amounts of data and can be authored to access data from external sources to ensure the content is always up to date.

With good design, navigation and interaction an interactive CD Rom can be a compelling multimedia experience and a real asset to your business. By allowing your customers to be able to control the level of information they digest and the speed at which they do this the experience can be far more beneficial that that of web delivery, whether it be a factual presentation or a more dynamic brand building experience.

We have two great examples of interactive CD Roms in our Multimedia Portfolio, one for Aviva regarding pensions and the other for Umbro showcasing there soccer product range.

Flash and 3D Animation

Showcasing your products or services through flash animation can be a great way to enhance them and engage with the end user or client. You may have a product concept that you need to show to potential manufacturers, your new office space needs to be visualised to show the space, light and layout to an interior design team or perhaps you have a industrial product and animation would be the best way to show how it works to customers. Flash and 3D animation make all this possible.

Good use of Flash and 3D animation can really enhance the user experience and can be incorporated both online in website and or off line in interactive CD Roms.

Here's just a few ideas for use of flash animation and 3D visualisation:

  • 3D Fly-thru
  • Flash games to engage and entertain
  • Presentations
  • Product visualisations
  • E-Learning material
  • Animated web banners
  • Animated logos
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